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Discussions on United States Navy enlisted uniforms, rating badge history, distinguishing marks, qualification badges and many other USN collectibles and special interest items. Now hear this: All ashore that's going ashore!

Published books: Visitors have asked to be kept updated on the availability of my books: D.Smith, 150 Truan Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37343.

 U.S. Navy Tailor-Made Dress Blues, Liberty Cuffs and Sailor Folk Art.  Perfect bound, 104 pages. Click on cover page below for ordering info and don't forget to include all your contact information when ordering.

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U. S. Navy Sailors' Memorabilia (Web Belt Buckles, Unit Plaques, Lighters and Ashtrays). Perfect bound, 104 pages. -Dan Smith  $30 + $4 shipping



The Medal of Honor and the Battles for Chattanooga.  Perfect bound, 66 pages, 75 black & white photographs. -Dan Smith   $25 + $4 shipping



An Illustrated History of the U.S. Navy's Use of Law Enforcement Style Badges. Now available.      $30 + $4 shipping


Rating badge collectors can see a notated check-off sheet here:  Navy Images/__Rating_Badges_w-mark_Clean.pdf

Dating White uniform rating badges:      1886-1893 rating badge ; History of the Master-at-Arms Rating Navy Images/Master-at-ArmsHistory.pdf

Cleaning note: If you obtain a rating badge that has previously been in a scrapbook and has glue on it you can clean the glue off by soaking in distilled White vinegar and using a soft brush. Thoroughly rinse in cold water after cleaning and allow to dry. Will not harm the material.

Is that valuable patch real or fake?  Is a "black light" or "burn test" worth performing? Attempting to detect fake rating badges and other collectible military patches.  


Nautical Boatswain's Calls (Bos'n Call / Bos'n Whistle / Bos'n Pipe)     

United States Navy terminology: In the beginning of U.S. Navy history much of our terminology, phrases and sayings evolved from British Admiral Nelson's Navy. That terminology has remained much the same since those days, but some sayings have been dropped, some have changed meanings and technology has added many additional terms and sayings to the modern U.S. Navy.

Here are some terminology and phrases from the early 1960s through the early 1970s (Note that these are not considered politically correct):   Aye Aye, Aweigh, Rope-Yarn-Sunday (usually on a Wednesday), Lucky Bag, Ditty Bag, Kiddie Cruiser, Slick Arm Chief, Sea Bat, Jack O' The Dust, Designated Seaman, Head, Mail Buoy Watch, Skylarking, Deck Ape, Snipe, Airdale, Bubble Head, Scope Dope, Ping Jockey, Sparks, Yo-Yo, Cannon cocker, Stew Burner, Brown Shoe, Bull Ensign, Acting Chief, Seaman Deuce, Sh*t Can, Field Day, Fart Sack, Make-a-Hole, Bye-Your-Leave, Lend-A-Hand, Mate, Sweepers Man Your Brooms, Highline, Seaman Deuce, Skivey Waver, Pecker Checker, Monkey fist, Bright Work, Turn To, Knock Off, POD, Butt Kit, Knock it Off, Heave Out and Trice Up, Smoking Lamp, Oscar-the-Dummy, Swim Call, Mae West, See The Padre, Rat Guard/Crab Guard, Mid-Rats, Acey-Deucey, Acey Deucy Club, Salt, Plank Owner, Mustang, Irish Pennant, Liberty Call, Cinderella Liberty, Liberty Hound, Lifer, Ship Over, No Hollywood showers, Zulu Time, Geedunk, Pollywog, Shellback, The Royal Baby, Golden Dragon, Gung Ho, Foxtail, Goat Locker, Pay Line, The Eagle Sh*ts Today, Paygrade, Courtesy Flush, Tin Can sailor, Smoke Boat sailor, Bird Farm sailor, Gator Navy, Nuke Boat sailor, the Old Man, Boot, Short Timer, WTFO, Scuttlebutt, FADB, Sea Story, Sea Daddy, Dogwatch, Westpac Widow, Air Bedding, 30-Year man, Pay Line, Sea pay, Sub pay, Hazardous Duty pay, beating a dead horse.

To break this list up, here's more:  Salt Water Coffee, Gitmo's One-Eyed Indian, Five-for-Seven, Slush Fund, Happy Sock, Belly Robber, Yard Birds, Roach Coach, Haze Gray and Underway, Old Navy, Paint Chipper, Red Lead, Non-skid, Plank Owner, Clothes Stop, Bug Juice, 72 hour liberty, Off limits, Bull-shittin', Tack it on, Crow, Square needle, Watch Quarter & Station Bill, Officer's Country, Shove Off, Burn Bag, MAA, Shore Patrol/Sex Prevention, OOD, JOOD, Watch, Gangway, Mess, Galley, Early Chow, Horse Co*k (bologna roll), Watch Reliefs Head-of-Line, "Hey man, what's for chow? Cake and cock, and they're runnin' out'a cake", Sh*t-on-a-shingle, Open Galley, AWOL, Bell Bottoms, Seven Seas/The Big O, Locker Clubs, Liberty Cuffs, Tailor-Mades, shark skin whites, Blue Jacket, Boatswain's Pipe, Salt, Captain's Mast, Carry On, As You Were, By your leave sir, Crossing-The-Line initiation, Davy Jones' Locker, Sea Bag, Dog Watch, Gun Decking, Anchor Out, Liberty launch, Captain's Gig, Sea Lawyer, Wardroom, Officer's country, LDO, JAG, Brig, Bread and water, Rocks and Shoals, UCMJ, Article 15, A.J. Squared Away, Bravo Zulu, Short arm inspection, Smoking Lamp, After Steering, Single Up All Lines, Charlie Noble, 1MC, Condition Zebra, Men in the Sail, Port and Starboard Liberty, Cinderella Liberty, (ship's name) Arriving/Departing, Paravane/Pig, Missing Ship's Movement, Flick, Dependant's Cruise, the USS Neversail (aka USS Recruit)(different name at each boot camp), Salty, Request Chit, Hot Rack'n, R&R/I&I, Z-Grams. 


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