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Discussions on United States Navy Rating Badge history, Navy Distinguishing marks and Navy qualification badges.

Known Display Photo Errors:


  • Explosive Ordnance Disposalman distinguishing mark is upside down. The reference book originally used has this DM shown incorrectly. The “mine” contacts should be pointing upward.


  • Mechanic PO1 should not be “Right Arm” rate. The original collector glued this badge into a scrapbook and I mistakenly arranged it based on the glue on the back of the badge. Mechanic rating did not appear until 1948, after the last “right arm” rates were disestablished. 


  • 1866 rating badge (eagle under star) could be right arm or left arm rate depending on wearer's Assignment / Watch section. This comment also applies to the 1841 rating badge Eagle, as well as the 1833 petty officer anchor mark.

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