United States Navy Dress Blue Uniform (E1-E6)

                                                                     Daniel D. Smith, SCPO, USNR (Ret)

     Prior to 1817 there were no Navy Department regulations governing enlisted men's uniforms. The first regulations covering enlisted men's clothing (uniform) appears in the regulations of the Navy issued by Benjamin W. Crownishiel, dated September 1817. Note that the information contained on these web pages will pertain to the Navy enlisted dress blue uniform unless otherwise stated. The 1817 regulations provided for blue jacket and trousers, red vest, yellow buttons and black hat.
                                                                                                                             1817 (enlisted left)                                                             1905                                   

       In the early years of enlisted uniform regulation changes and updates, the changes often merely formalized what uniform the majority of enlisted men were already choosing and wearing.


                                            1944                                     1973                                         2005                       




  • Blue jackets
  • Crowned hats
  • Flat hats
  • Straw hats
  • Canvas hats
  • White hats

Navy Rating Marks and Badges

  • Marks (1841)Petty Officer's badge
  • Specialty marks (1866)
  • Combination rating badges (1886)
  • Ex-Apprentice Knot
  • Right arm rates (port and starboard watch ratings)
  • Right arm rates (Eagle facing Right or Left? Seaman Branch ratings 1913-1948)  
  • Watch mark for non-rated personnel
  • Branch marks (1912)
  • Distinguishing marks (1905)

Uniform Slang:  Bluejacket (enlisted man); Cracker Jacks (service dress blues); Dixie Cup (white hat); White Hat (enlisted man); SDBs (service dress blues); Donald Duck hat (flat hat)    

Uniform Regulations (requires Adobe Acrobat reader: (credit for transcribing the following uniform regulations goes to CMDCM(SW) Clint Steed, USN (ret) for the 1905 regulations, and to GSCM(SW) Dan Goebel, USNR for transcribing the other years presented here) 1833, 1905, 1947


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